Ensemble Member Since: 2009 (Co-Founder)    Board Member Since: 2011
Andrew is proud to be a founding member of Youngblood and its pursuit of environmental and site specific work. he is a graduate of the BFA Acting program at UW-Milwaukee where he was lucky enough to meet four like-minded and talented theatre artists’s who became Youngblood. His previous Youngblood roles include Davis (RED LIGHT WINTER), Matthew (FREAKSHOW), Bosco (DRIVE ME TO ARSON), and Tony Aronica (SAVAGE IN LIMBO). He has also worked with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre as Hal (PICNIC) and Optimist Theatre as Ferdinand (THE TEMPEST) and Antonio (TWELFTH NIGHT). He would like to thank his loving family, unbelievable girlfriend and all the artists who have given so much to make this company happen.

avoss@youngbloodtheatre.com mailto:avoss@youngbloodtheatre.com?subject=Hey%20Voss!%20Tell%20me%20about%20Youngblood!shapeimage_1_link_0

Work with Youngblood:

  1. -Rockstar in Cartoon

  2. -Prologue in The Flu Season

  3. -Alan and Larry in Minnesota Moon

  4. -Davis in Red Light Winter (2011 & 2010)

  5. -Mathew in Freakshow

  6. -Boscoe in Drive Me To Arson

  7. -Tony Aronica in Savage in Limbo

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