Ensemble Member: 2009 - 2013 (Co-Founder)   
Tess Cinpinski has previous appeared in Youngblood’s productions of [sic], The Flue Season, Gruesome Playground Injuires, Red Light Winter, Freakshow, Drive Me to Arson, Spirits to Enforce, The Laramie Project 10 Years Later, and David’s Redhaired Death. The opportunities she has been given within the company and within the community of Milwaukee have left her forever grateful and excited for the future. With that, she wants to thank you all for attending and for your support.

Work with Youngblood:

  1. -Babette in [sic]

  2. -The Woman in The Flu Season

  3. -Kayleen in Gruesome Playground Injuries

  4. -Christina in Red Light Winter (2011 & 2010)

  5. -Amalia in Freakshow

  6. -Regina in Drive Me To Arson

  7. -Donna Adams / The Silhouette / All Masque Characters in Spirits to Enforce

  8. -Various in The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later - An Epilogue

  9. -Jean in David’s Redhaired Death

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